Masa bak Fast&Furious..To Fast

'Time flies, whether you’re wasting it or not'..

Its been a long time im not posting any new or what so ever...Last log in giler kau 2012. Now 2015.
Almost more than 3 years..kalau ada anak 2012, dah besar anak saya. Past 3 year,a lot of thing happen to me & of coz im married & now im mom to my umar anaqi. Im going to rombak semula my blog sebab tamplate, lay out & all are to childish. Serius budak-budak. I've been reading all my previous post yesterday, tergelak kejang perut. Malu..😫my D also laughing at me while reading my lovey dovey post about us..kahkahkah...
dah delete semua 😊
Im going to restart back blogging..tak kesah walau orang akan cakap now a day dah ada instag, fb & others.. im found writing is the most effective way to reduce my level of stress.. tak kisah akan ada orang baca ataupun tak 😊 ok bye!❤️

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